For whom do we offer counseling?

Our counseling offer is customized for trans* people and people who have questions around gender identity.

Also friends, partners, family and other people that are close to a trans* person are welcome. In addition we offer counseling for professionals that have questions around the topic.


With trans* we are referring to everyone who is partly, not or not always identifying with their assigned gender at birth. This could be transsexuals, transgender, cross-dresser, transvestites, genderqueers or non-binary people....)


We do not consider being transgender as an illness or disorder. Rather we belief that it is an expression of a plurality of possibilities to live gender. 


We think that everyone has the right to define their own gender. Neither courts, the medical system nor psychology can do that. Trans* is for everybody.


We offer counseling about the following topics



·         Questions regarding gender identity

·         Clarifying wishes and aims

·         Coming Out

·         Relationships, social surrounding, family

·         Work, school, education, studying

·         discrimination

·         changing ones name and gender marker (Namens- und Personenstandsänderung)

·         medical treatment / possibilities (e.g. hormonal therapy or operations)

·         other questions concerning the transition

·         other topics in which being trans* has an impact