For whom do we offer counseling?

We offer counseling for trans and nonbinary people and all those who have questions about their gender identity.


Moreover, friends, partners, relatives and other caregivers of trans people as well as people who come into contact with the topic professionally (e.g. psychotherapists, social workers and teachers) are welcome to contact us. We offer advice regardless of age and are also available for children and youths.

We understand the term trans to include all people who do not or not always identify with the gender assigned at birth. This includes transsexual and transgender women and men, as well as people with other gender identities, for example, nonbinary or agender people. We understand transgender as an equal variation of gender. We believe that every person has the right to define their own gender and live accordingly. For us it is self-evident to accept people in their body image and identity and to support them to live a self-determined life.


Our offer is based on the principle of peer counseling. It is free of charge and confidential. This is a peer and community based project.


We offer counseling for the following topics

  • Questions regarding gender identity
  • Clarifying wishes and aims
  • Coming Out
  • All topics regarding relationships, social circle and family
  • Work, school, education, studying
  • Discrimination
  • Changing one's name and gender marker (Namens- und Personenstandsänderung)
  • Medical treatment / possibilities (e.g. hormonal therapy or operations)
  • Other questions concerning the transition
  • Other topics on which being trans has an impact
  • Other topics on which being trans has no impact, but you want to talk about in a safe space

How to reach us

We can be contacted via mail or mobile phone. Further information here.

Counseling for friends and relatives

The counseling is aimed at friends, partners, relatives and other caregivers of trans people. Counseling individual takes place making an appointment.


Contact: angehoerige[at]