For whom do we offer counseling?

We offer counseling and support for trans and/or non­binary people, their friends and families. Al­so, for people who work with trans folk like social workers, psychologists and other professionals.


The term trans, in our understanding, includes all people who do not or do not always identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. In counseling, we take a clear non­pathologising position.


Our offer is based on the principle of peer counseling. It is free of charge and confidential. We

are a peer and community based project.

We offer counseling about the following topics

·         Questions regarding gender identity

·         Clarifying wishes and aims

·         Coming Out

·         Relationships, social surrounding, family

·         Work, school, education, studying

·         discrimination

·         changing ones name and gender marker (Namens- und Personenstandsänderung)

·         medical treatment / possibilities (e.g. hormonal therapy or operations)

·         other questions concerning the transition

·          other topics in which being trans has an impact

  ·       other topics in which being trans has no impact, but you wish a safer space for trans